Your project

Once we’ve discussed the project and agreed on the deadline and cost, I get to work to make sure that you get the deliverables within the agreed timeline.

Should I come across anything that is not clear or terms that need more context, I will ask for clarification to ensure the translation conveys your message in your terms.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Your texts are stored on my local hard drive and backup drives and are never shared online. I do not store my files in the cloud and I do not use machine translation (such as Google Translate). This guarantees the secrecy of your files.


I use a CAT tool (Computer Aided Translation) as much as possible. It not only accelerates the translation process but also improves consistency within a text and between previously translated texts by reusing your previously translated material. It saves me time and you money.

If you have a tool that you developed, I’m happy to work with that too.

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